Lavender Talcum Powder

For many people, the thought of talcum powder only conjures up images of newborn babies’ bottoms. However, our grown-up Lavender Talcum Powder has so many more uses and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and delicately fragranced with our wonderful Jersey lavender. So what exactly is talcum powder and when and where can we use it?

Talcum powder is mainly made up of talc. This is a naturally occurring mineral made up mainly of the elements of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. To create the product that we all know and love, talc is ground down to a powder, and then we simply add in a little of our gorgeous lavender fragrance.

There are actually a surprising number of uses for talcum powder including:

Absorb moisture – talcum powder is an incredibly absorbent material and so is perfect for keeping your skin dry. After a bath or shower, simply add a shake of our lovely Lavender Talcum Powder or our Lavender and Rosemary Talcum Powder to leave your skin perfectly dry and feeling silky smooth. Using talcum powder is also fantastic after going swimming or a workout at the gym when you always seem to end up getting dressed whilst still wet. However, a sprinkle of talcum powder will mean those clothes will glide on instead of sticking to you!

Absorb sweat – to prevent chafing and other discomfort whilst exercising try giving yourself a good dousing with our lovely Lavender Talcum Powder before you set off. The talcum powder will help to absorb the sweat leaving you feeling fresher and helping to stop chafing.

Better waxing – after cleansing the area to be waxed, apply a small amount of a talcum powder. This will absorb any excess moisture and oils allowing the wax to adhere to the hair better for a more effective waxing result.

After shaving – many barbers still follow the tradition of using talcum powder after wet shaving. This will absorb any excess moisture and leave the skin feeling even smoother and lightly fragranced.

Absorb oils – talcum powder not only absorbs water and sweat but will also absorb oil. For this reason, it can have a number of further uses. For example, make a dry shampoo by sprinkling some onto your comb before running it through your hair if you haven’t had time to wash it. This even works as a pet shampoo – simply massage some talc into your pets’ fur, leave it for a couple of minutes before combing it out! Talcum powder can also be used to remove grease stains from clothing and furniture etc. Simply apply a little talc to the stain and allow it to absorb the grease. Repeat this until the oil has gone and then wash as normal.

Remove sand – after a day at the beach remove dried-on sand with talcum powder, simply massage into the affected areas and the sand will simply fall off.

So to take advantage of all of these benefits and to add a little lavender into your life try a tin of our Lavender Talcum Powder today!

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