Lavender Spritz – Your Holiday Essential

Here at the Jersey Lavender Farm we love lavender. And we are also great fans of sharing our love of this wonderful plant and all that comes from it, even if sometimes we may steer towards the somewhat over-enthusiast sharing! However, recently for once it wasn’t us banging on about the joy of lavender but a friend of ours who came back from holiday waxing lyrical about the wonders of her homemade Lavender Spritz.

The recipe was simplicity itself and took up hardly any room in her luggage (a good thing with the horrors of over-priced hold baggage!). She simply got hold of a small pump spray bottle from a travel toiletries set and popped that along with a bottle of our gorgeous lavender essential oil into her suitcase. Then once she reached her holiday villa she simply added 5 drops of lavender essential oil into the bottle and filled it up with mineral water and gave it a shake. This was then popped into her handbag and taken – everywhere!

The uses of the ‘Magic Lavender Spritz’, as it became known, seemed to be endless. It was had a myriad of purposes including:

– Firstly and fore mostly it acted as the most amazing cooling and refreshing face and body spray. A quick shake of the bottle and a couple of sprays onto the face and body left the entire holiday-goers cool as cucumbers (or lavenders?!!!!).

– Acting as a wonderfully delicate perfume. For those times when they ended up going straight from the beach to a bar or restaurant, a few squirts of Magic Lavender Spritz took away that salty tang and left everyone both feeling and smelling wonderful.

– Calming down crazy children! Obviously we do not recommend using essential oils on young children, but a few squirts of lavender in the car apparently worked wonders to calm down the kids and seemed to make it much easier to persuade them to enjoy the scenery instead of killing each other!

– Wound cleaning. After a cutting her foot on a broken shell on the beach the wound then immediately got full of sand and was not feeling good. However a quick rinse with some of the water from the bottle cleaned out the sand and lavender’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties helped to ensure that the cut was perfectly clean and ready for a quick bandage, and she was back on her feet in no time.

– Insect repellent. Instead of resorting to some of those thoroughly noxious shop-bought insect repellents, everyone much preferred a nice dousing with Magic Lavender Spritz which happily the nasty biting critters seemed to thoroughly hate.

So if you want to streamline your luggage and enjoy the wonders of Magic Lavender Spritz for yourself all you need is a little bottle of our fantastic lavender essential oil.

PS. obviously it isn’t really magic, but it is pretty fantastic! Take a look around our online shop for more fantastic gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.


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