Lavender Oil For Scar Healing

Amongst the many amazing uses for our lovely home-distilled lavender oil is its efficacy in wound and scar healing. It is said that the ability of lavender to promote faster healing was first discovered when a scientist burnt his hand in a lab and immediately plunged into a beaker of lavender to cool it. He then noticed how quickly and cleanly the wound healed and so went on to prove lavender’s healing abilities with further scientific testing. Since then it is widely accepted that lavender oil does indeed have powerful anti-cicatrizant properties. However, regardless of how knowledge of lavender’s scar and wound healing properties came about, it can prove to be a very effective natural treatment. Lavender essential oil can be used at all 3 stages of scar formation and healing, to help to ensure that the wound or scar heals as quickly as possible.

Stage 1: Incident of the Wound

In the initial stage, immediate attention is crucial to cleanse and protect the wound against infection. For minor lacerations or dry burns, personal care suffices, but serious wounds require professional advice. Washing the wound with water is recommended, and applying a few drops of diluted lavender essential oil around the area stimulates cell renewal, hastening the healing process. Lavender’s antibacterial properties also guard against infection.

Stage 2: Immature Scar

As the wound healing solidifies, the skin may appear red, inflamed, and may itch. Lavender essential oil becomes particularly effective in this stage. Applying 1–2 drops directly onto a small scar and massaging it twice a day promotes skin renewal, reducing the scar’s extent and appearance. For larger areas, mix 5 drops of lavender essential oil with 10ml of a vitamin E-rich carrier oil like almond, wheatgerm, or olive. This blend nourishes the skin, expediting its renewal.

Stage 3: Mature Scar

Mature scars, existing for months or even years, pose a challenge due to the slowed or halted natural healing process. However, a routine of deep tissue massage using lavender oil may yield positive results by stimulating blood circulation. Combining lavender with avocado oil aids penetration into deeper skin layers, while citrus essential oils (lemon or bergamot) help fade discolouration. Always adhere to essential oil usage instructions before application.

Embrace the natural efficacy of lavender oil at every stage of scar formation, guiding your skin towards a quicker and healthier recovery.


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