Lavender In Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient set of Chinese values that focus on the belief that everything in our lives creates animate and inanimate energy which ultimately control our emotions.

To make Feng shui work you need to create positive energy on a subconscious level within your home. If this is achieved you will feed your emotions with positive thoughts and energy, thus improving your emotional wellbeing.

In very simple terms two of the most important elements that can affect the Feng shui of your home are colour and scent, the colour lavender and the scent of lavender are believed to be two such elements.

The Colour Lavender

For Feng shui, lavender can have several positive connotations on your emotional wellbeing. Often associated with terms such as “plentiful”, “dignity” and “magical” the colour lavender can create a significant amount of positive energy in a room or home.

With lavender being a colour closely related to purple, it can also draw on connotations such as “wisdom”, “knowledge” and “healing”, which again create a significant amount of positive energy. Lavender is also perceived by some as a romantic, seductive and intimate colour creating a feeling of “mysticism” and “relaxation”.

The correct use of the right amount of lavender in the right rooms within your home is sure to have a positive impact on your Feng shui and ultimately your emotional wellbeing.

The Scent of Lavender

As a scent, lavender is widely used for Feng shui purposes as it is well known to promote happiness, wellbeing and good health. The scent from lavender essential oils works perfectly when trying to create an aura of relaxation which can, in turn, create positive energy that will uplift the mind, body and spirit.

Lavender can be used in rooms throughout the home to create positive Feng shui, including the bedroom, bathroom, study and anywhere else where you feel like improving your overall mood.

Using the lavender scent is particularly important if you no longer feel like your home is a sanctuary or a place to escape from the everyday stresses of modern-day life. A home with a poor Feng shui can lead to poor physical and mental health, a lot of which can be due to a decrease in positive energy. The lavender scent can assist in increasing positive energy levels within your home and return it to the sanctuary that it once was.

In Conclusion

As explained, the lavender scent and the lavender colour are very versatile and can create both relaxing and positive energy that can improve your wellbeing in any environment. If you identify the desired effect, apply Feng shui principles and then select the correct balance of lavender colour and scent then you can create an atmosphere that will have a tangible effect on your life for the better.
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