Lavender Gentleman`s Range For Fathers Day

As Father’s Day approaches why not treat your Dad with a lovely gift from out wonderful Gentleman’s Range? Including the classic Cologne, Bath & Shower Gel, Gentlemen’s Soap or the handy Gentlemen’s Duo pack containing both the Cologne and the Bath & Shower Gel, we reckon that’s Father’s Day sorted then!

You may think that lavender is a typically feminine fragrance, but our Gentlemen’s fragrance is in fact one of our most popular products. We blend our luscious lavender essential oil with a number of other warm, woody and herbal fragrances to create a classic fougere fragrance. Fougere translates to mean ‘fern-like’ and invokes herby, clean characteristics including base notes of oakmoss and coumarin and top notes of lavender, and was first created by the famous Victorian perfumers Houbigant. Fougere fragrances are classically masculine, with a clean, fresh and warmly herbal characteristic that is perfectly suited to all classic gentlemen out there.

Lavender has been used to fragrance both ourselves and our homes since records began (and no doubt before), as it’s wonderful fragrance evokes feelings of cleanliness and purity. Lavender water was used to anoint girls on their wedding day and also to cleanse rooms that had recently been reopened and needed freshening.

However it is also chosen as a personal fragrance by both men and women alike. As a female fragrance, lavender tends to be used as the predominant aroma, or blended with other more floral notes. Whereas in a male fragrance, lavender is wonderful when blended into a fougere scent, as in our Gentlemen’s Range.

We take immense pride in our wonderful Jersey lavender products, especially when distilling our fantastic lavender essential oil for use in our farm-made products. We use a higher percentage (typically 4%) of our gorgeous velvety essential oils in all of our products to ensure that you get the highest quality product. Many other companies will add chemically synthesised fragrances to their products to increase their aroma, whereas we believe in the power of the pure essential oils and so use only those.

So why not take a look at our Gentleman’s Range for that perfect Father’s Day gift.

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