Lavender For Mother’s Day

Lavender is the ultimate feminine scent, so why not spoil your mum this Mother’s Day with a beautiful lavender scented gift?

Traditionally sprigs of lavender were given to women in labour, as squeezing the fragrant bundles was said to give them strength and courage during childbirth. To this effect the scent of lavender is deeply associated with motherhood. It is said that smells can evoke memories far more effectively that sights or sounds, so make your mum feel truly ‘mummy’ by giving the gift of lavender this Mother’s Day.

Here at Jersey Lavender we have a fantastic range of lavender gifts that could be just the thing to make your Mum feel extra special. Have a look at just some of our favourites below:

Lavender Bliss Pack

A perfect introduction to our fantastic range of lavender products can be found in our Lavender Bliss Pack. Containing our Lavender Eau de Cologne and our best selling Lavender Hand and Body Cream, all presented in an elegant gift envelope, this is sure to make your Mum feel on top of the world. Also as all of our products contain a higher level of our velvety lavender essential oil than can be found in many other lavender scented products, you not only get a greater fragrance but will also be able to benefit from more of the soothing, healing and restorative powers of lavender.

Lavender Sleep Pillow

If you want to ensure that your Mum has a great night’s sleep, then this gorgeous Sleep Pillow could be just the thing. Hand embroidered (is there anything more feminine than that?) with our very own lavender sprigs design, simply pop this inside or on top of your Mum’s existing pillowcase and let the gorgeous scent of lavender lull her into a calming and restful slumber.

Dried Lavender Letter Packet

But what if you’re not going to be with your Mum on Mother’s Day, or you’ve already got her a gift? The why not pop one of our Dried Lavender Letter Packets into the envelope along with her Mother’s Day Card? The lavender can be used as pot pourri or to refresh an existing lavender bag, or even to sprinkle in a bath for a soothing soak. As soon as it falls through the letterbox, the envelope will already begin to release its beautiful lavender fragrance and what a lovely surprise and extra gift this will be!

Culinary Lavender

Is your Mum an amazing cook? Then why not give her a gift that’s a little out of the ordinary and will expand her repertoire all in one? Our Culinary Lavender is specially sieved and cleaned for culinary use, and as it is exclusively from our own lavender angustifolia variety, it imparts a softer and rounder flavour than some other varieties which can prove too overpowering or bitter. When teamed with a specialist Lavender Cookbook, it’s sure to make a gift that no-one has thought of!

There are a million ways to make your Mum feel special this Mother’s Day, but how many of them smell as good as Lavender?!
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