Lavender for men!

Contrary to popular assumption, lavender is not just for the ladies. In actual fact, men use lavender much more than they realise, and probably on a daily basis. Lavender is, in fact, (as you will discover in our article a key ingredient in some of the most popular men’s fragrances and skincare products on the market today.

Lavender is used in a wide variety of skincare ranges for men, such as shaving creams, gels, moisturisers and cleansers due to its cleansing and fresh properties which make it perfect for the job. Don’t forget that it was the Roman men that used lavender oil to cleanse themselves in their spas and baths. Lavender’s relaxing properties probably also gave them a great sense of well-being. Perhaps this is why they spent so long in the baths!!

But the largest use of lavender for men is in fragrances – in the highly popular fragrance category of “Fougere” fragrances . This term was coined in Victorian times by perfumer Houbigant, and means “fern” which refers to the naturally herby and warm nature of the fragrance type.

Jersey Lavender’s Gentlemen’s Cologne is a classic Fougere fragrance and contains 4% of our own, home distilled Jersey lavender oil at its heart. If you were to do a blind sampling you would find it similar to some high street favourites such as Brut (Faberge), Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Polo Sport (Ralph Lauren) and Amber and Lavender (Jo Malone) in particular.   Because the way the lavender is blended with other key ingredients in the fragrance, it is difficult to recognise in itself, but combines to give a wonderful rich scent that has appealed to men (and women!) for many many years. Gentleman’s Soap is also based on this ever-popular fragrance type.

So, gentlemen, remove the notion that lavender is purely floral and decorative and feminine. Instead, re-categorise it in your minds as essential, beneficial and suitably masculine!

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