Lavender BBQ Anyone?

Hooray!!!! There’s finally been a bit of decent weather! Pasty legs are finally getting an outing after what seemed like endless months of winter (even here on Jersey!) and there’s been a sudden rush on ice cream and sunglasses. So what better excuse to fire up the BBQ? And let’s face it we’ve got to take advantage of any scrap of decent weather!

But what about trying something a little different this year, instead of just the same old cremated sausages and dangerously ‘pink’ chicken drumsticks? When used correctly, or with a little imagination, your BBQ can produce some seriously delicious food, that smokey aroma really bringing out the flavour of even the most everyday ingredients. So have a look at a few of our favourite ways of adding a little lavender to really spice up your BBQ offerings.

Barbecued lamb with a lavender and thyme crust

This recipe really makes the most of the smokey charred effect that your BBQ can produce. You can do this with anything from a quick lamb chop to a whole butterflied leg of lamb. Simply mix together a little of our dried culinary lavender, a good handful of chopped fresh or dried thyme with some crushed garlic, seasoning and just enough olive oil to bring the mixture into a paste. Rub this into your lamb and leave it to marinate ideally overnight. Then slowly cook your lamb on the BBQ until a lovely crust has formed and the meat is meltingly pink (or however you like it) in the centre.

Lavender and honey chicken

For a fool proof way to get the stickiest and tenderest chicken drumsticks on the BBQ, we always drizzle them with a little olive oil and seasoning and give them a good roasting in the oven first. Then simply mix together a teaspoon of our dried culinary lavender, with a tablespoon of honey and a little lemon zest and juice. Brush this over your just cooked chicken and then pop it on the BBQ to caramelise to sticky lavendery perfection!

Barbecued peaches with honey and lavender

This delicious way to finish any BBQ is so simple it can hardly be called a recipe! Simply halve and destine some peaches and wrap them into a foil parcel with a few drizzles of honey and couple of sprigs of fresh lavender or a sprinkling of our dried culinary lavender if yours isn’t flowering yet. Pop the parcel on the BBQ for 10-15 minutes or until the smell is so good that you can’t bear to wait any longer. Serve as they are or with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Yum yum yum!

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