Lavender Cheesecake

Indulge in the soothing and delightful world of lavender with our Lavender Cheesecake recipe. This unique twist on a classic dessert will transport your taste buds to a garden of fragrant lavender blooms, offering a harmonious blend of floral and creamy flavours. Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting your culinary journey, our Lavender Cheesecake recipe will guide you through the steps to create a dessert that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. So, gather your ingredients and let’s embark on a culinary adventure that’s sure to impress your family and friends.

Vegan Lavender Cheesecake

To make a Vegan, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Lemon and Lavender Cheesecake, you will need:

– 70g dates

– 300g nuts (the recipe suggests a combination of walnuts and almonds, but use whatever you want!)

– 600g cashews that have been soaked in water for at least 3–4 hours

– 120ml lemon juice (about the juice of 4 lemons)

– 225g honey

– 250g melted coconut oil

– 2–3 teaspoons of our delicious dried culinary lavender

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract/paste


1. Line a 23 cm spring form cake tin with baking parchment or cling film.

2. Whiz the dates and 300g nuts in a food processor until you have a chunky mixture that sticks together. Press this into the bottom of the tin – wet hands are best.

3. Clean out the food processor and add all the remaining ingredients. Whiz together until you have a smooth mixture.

4. Pour this on top of the base and pop it into the fridge or freezer to set.

5. Remember that when cooking, we recommend only ever using a specialist culinary lavender. Our dried culinary lavender is harvested at the optimum time from our own Lavendula Angustifolia variety to ensure a smooth, rounded flavour. It is then dried and sieved, meaning that it is ready to use whenever you are.

Lavender And White Chocolate Cheesecake

So why not try something a little different this year and serve our lovely White Chocolate and Lavender Cheesecake?


– 40 digestive biscuits

– 2 tbsp dried culinary lavender

– 60g melted butter

– 150g caster sugar

– 200g white chocolate

– Zest of 1 lemon

– 750g full fat cream cheese

– 3 eggs


1. Using a food processor, blitz the digestive biscuits with 1 tbsp of the lavender until fine crumbs form. Then add 1 tbsp of the caster sugar and the melted butter and pulse to combine.

2. Press the biscuit mixture into the bottom of a 23 cm spring form cake tin and bake at 180˚C for 8–10 minutes until the crust is set and fragrant.

3. Set the crust aside to cool and reduce the oven temperature to 140˚C.

4. Melt the white chocolate over a bowl of simmering water and set aside to cool a little.

5. Using a spice grinder or a pestle and mortar, grind the remaining lavender until it creates a fine powder.

6. Beat together the cream cheese, remaining sugar, lavender, and lemon zest until smooth and creamy, then beat in the eggs 1 at a time.

7. Pour the filling over the base and bake for 50–55 minutes until the centre is almost set, but still with a slight wobble.

8. Leave the cheesecake to rest for about 10 minutes, then release from the tin and leave to cool in the fridge.

9. Now all you have to do is decorate the cheesecake however you choose, we love crystallised violets and lots of gold and silver pearls, stars and glitter.

Lavender And Lemon Cheesecake

OK, so we know that it actually seems to be getting colder and the icy clutches of winter still seem very firmly upon us. However, here on Jersey, the climate does tend to be just a spot warmer than the rest of the UK and the first signs of spring tend to hit us a little earlier than our mainland neighbours. And we are happy to report that the first snowdrops have been sighted and there are a number of other green shoots beginning to poke their way up through the frozen ground. Yes, we know that the balmy days of summer are still a long way off, but why not conjure them up early with a slice of this delicious lavender and lemon cheesecake.


1. Bash 10 digestive biscuits up into fine crumbs (you can use a food processor for this, but we think it’s much more fun to hit them with a rolling pin!) and mix these with 75g of melted butter. Press the crumbs into the bottom of a 23 cm spring form cake tin. Pop this into the fridge to set.

2. To a bowl add 700g mascarpone cheese, 200g caster sugar, 4 tablespoons of icing sugar, the zest, and juice of 2 lemons and 1–2 teaspoons (depending on taste) of our gorgeous dried culinary lavender.

3. Gently mix all the ingredients to combine them, but don’t overbeat or the mixture will curdle.

4. Spoon the filling onto the base, level the top and leave to set in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

5. Turn out your cheesecake and enjoy a slice of summer with some defrosted summer berries and a generous sprinkling of icing sugar.

Note: We always recommend that you use a specific culinary lavender in any of your yummy edible lavender creations. Here at the Jersey Lavender Farm, we harvest our lavender at exactly the right moment to ensure its essential oils are at their most abundant without going too far and beginning to impart a harsher flavour. Also, our dried culinary lavender is from our very own Lavendula Angustifolia variety, which imparts a softer flavour than many other types. It is then air-dried to seal in the maximum flavour whilst giving it fantastic shelf life. It is then sieved so that it is ready to impart the gorgeous subtly floral favour of lavender into your dishes even in the depths of winter.


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