Lavender, A Wedding Must Have!

Hooray! Wedding season is upon us!

Now, if you’re like me then you’ll like nothing better than a good blub whilst the happy couple ties the knot and then a nice meal and a monster party to follow. Yes, weddings are a wonderful way to spend your time. But have you ever considered the use of lavender in weddings?

The significance of lavender in weddings

In floriography, the language of flowers, lavender is used to represent feelings of love, purity and devotion. As such, the addition if lavender to a bridal bouquet, posy or buttonhole would represent deep feelings of devotion, constancy, purity, ardent attachment, luck and good will. Also traditionally newly married couples would be given posies of lavender to bring them good luck in their married lives, and dried lavender flowers would be sprinkled on the marital bed to cleanse and purify it, whilst the addition of lavender to the rest of the home was said to bring peacefulness.

Lavender in floral arrangements

Lavender can be used to make fantastic and original wedding floral arrangements. Not only does it supply a gorgeous splash of colour (you can choose shades from silky muted lilac-greys to stunning vivid violets), but it also supplies the most gorgeous heady scent. Imagine guests entering your wedding venue to be assailed by a wonderful waft of lavender.

The versatility of lavender means that it can be used to create a wide variety of floral decorations. Stunning modern arrangement can be designed, by simply lining up the lavender flower stalks as a single block, or it can be mixed in with other flowers to give a hit of colour and fragrance. However if you are looking for a simply country garden theme, try mixing sprigs of lavender with other wildflowers for an informal posy style arrangement. Or for a more sculptural style, arrange spikes of lavender with white or lilac roses.

Lavender Confetti

If you are looking for an original idea for your guests after the wedding service itself, why not provide sachets of dried lavender flowers to be thrown instead of confetti? The heady scent and gorgeous colour is sure to make everyone smile, and it is also a more sophisticated look than some of the garish biodegradable paper confetti that is available. Also dried lavender makes a great alternative to rice, which can be very harmful to birds if it is eaten raw – not really helpful for your dove release!

So if you’re planning your wedding, or simply looking forward to attending a wedding soon then think lavender!
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