Different Dried Lavender Uses

The nights are beginning to draw in and there is a definite nip in the air in the mornings. Yes, it’s just beginning to look like autumn. Autumn is one of our very favourite seasons here on the Jersey Lavender Farm, after the hectic harvest season is over, we can get down to the business of using our freshly-dried lavender and starting to use it in loads of lovely products. But if you have harvested your own lavender crop this year, chances are it will be nicely dried by now, so what are some of the ways that you can transform your own dried lavender?

We have chosen some of our favourite ways to use lavender but the limit is literally your own imagination! Lavender is amazingly versatile, so explore all the incredible things, that you can use your dried lavender for. And if there is something you are particularly pleased with, why not share it with us? We love seeing all your crafts and creations!

Make Your Own Lavender Bags

Lavender bags have come a long way from the old associations of elderly spinster aunts in draughty country houses, actually popping a little lavender bag into your drawers or wardrobes can be surprisingly delightful. Not only will your clothes be imbued with the lovely scent of lavender, but moths and other naughty insects will be also be deterred.

A simple lavender bag can be made from just a small scrap of fabric; simply pop the dried lavender in the centre, gather up the sides and tie it at the top with a piece of pretty ribbon. If you are the crafty type you can even embroider your lavender bags with a delightful lavender picture. That’s what we do! These make amazing presents for people, both at Christmas and other times of the year.

Fragrance Your Home

Dried lavender releases the most incredible scent. You can display your dried lavender in various ways. Arrange entire stems in a pretty vase as an alternative to fresh flowers. Use the buds as an ingredient in potpourri. Steep the buds in water (with a splash of vodka) and then spritz this onto fabrics for an instant and natural fabric refresher.

However you choose to enjoy its delicate fragrance, it smells like home. We think nothing is better than walking through our lavender fields on our farm and enjoying the scent under the sun. But smelling the dried lavender in your kitchen, watching the rain roll down the windowpanes, with a hot cup of tea in your hand, comes pretty close!

Use For Crafts

There is nothing more relaxing than sinking into a deep, steaming, lavender-scented bath. You could use our rich and bubbly Lavender Foam Bath but if you are a craft lover, why not make your own? Simply mix together Epsom salts, dried lavender buds, and a few drops of our velvety lavender essential oil, pop into a sealed jar for a couple of days to let the scents mingle and then sprinkle a generous handful into your bath.

There are loads of instructions on the internet for more combinations and ideas. There is nothing more satisfying than making something that you can use. It will make that bath even more special, knowing that you are enjoying your very own bath products.

Use For Home Décor

Lavender is an incredibly beautiful plant. From the colour to the shape it is simply delightful. Dried lavender sprigs can be beautiful when arranged in attractive vases. Dried lavender sprigs are an excellent alternative to fresh flowers. Fresh flowers while beautiful, have a very short shelf life. But your dried lavender arrangement will last and last, you will be able to keep on enjoying the scent and the look of your dried lavender arrangement for a long time.

If you are harvesting your own lavender, consider leaving some as complete pieces rather than removing the flower buds. It will give you hours of pleasure, as a lovely floral alternative.

Use For Cooking

There are loads of wonderful ways to use your dried lavender in your cooking, just make sure that your lavender has been grown without the use of any chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Lavender can be used where you traditionally use other herbs. You can combine it with various herbs, such as rosemary to use a rub for meat or fish, add into a salad, or use as delicate flavouring for soups. If baking is more your cup of tea, then lavender biscuits are a perfect teatime treat, the lavender gives them a delicate, fragranced taste.

Experiment! Different combinations of herbs produce different flavours, so combining them will give you endless variety, be brave, be bold and enjoy cooking up a feast of flavours.

Use For Tea

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea? Nothing is better on a damp, rainy day than warming your hands around your favourite mug of tea. Top it off by combining it with yummy home-baked biscuits and you are instantly in heaven. But not all of us like traditional tea, maybe you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake, maybe you are feeling a bit stressed. Lavender tea could be the answer. Lavender tea is easy to make simply steep your lavender in hot water for up to 5 minutes and then add honey to taste.

There are various gadgets for making herb teas, you can get teapots with mesh sections built-in, or small balls that you can dangle in your hot water. Whatever method you decide on it will make you a fabulous cup of lavender tea. Queen Victoria was said to be a huge fan and we’re sure that you will be too!

Use For Foot Scrub

Tired feet at the end of the day? Achy, worn-out, overworked? Homemade foot scrubs will give you incredible release, and make your tired feet feel looked after and loved. There are many recipes for making DIY foot scrubs, just make sure you use good quality ingredients. Generally, you mix Epsom salts, coconut oil, and lavender, and enjoy!

Check out some recipes online. You can either use lavender essential oil or dried lavender flowers. Not only will your feet feel better for a bit of TLC, but you can enjoy the delightful scent of lavender as you are applying the foot scrub. Perfect to do at the end of a hard day, as lavender can help you drift off into a peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Dried Lavender Wreaths

Although we associate wreaths with Christmas, they are actually delightful all year round. Wreathes on a front door can be welcoming, and enjoyable. Lavender wreaths are lovely as you can enjoy the incredible scent every time you come in or out of your front door. Your guests will delight in your creativity as they visit. Wreaths make lovely gifts for people.

If you have harvested a large amount of lavender you will be able to make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. If you haven’t made a lavender wreath before doing some research. There are great videos and instructions on the internet which should help you to create your own beautiful dried lavender wreath.

Dried Lavender Centrepieces

If you are getting married or having a celebration you may be preoccupied with table centrepieces. There are so many options to choose from and so many beautiful ways to dress your tables. Dried lavender makes an amazing table centrepiece. Even once dried, the lavender keeps its deep, rich colour making it an ideal choice for those who favour darker colours.

If you love making your own decorations, you can grow your lavender throughout the year ready for your celebrations, and harvest it when you are ready. Table centrepieces that you have designed will be so much satisfying and rewarding than simply buying cut flowers for your tables. Experiment with how best to display your dried lavender to maximise the effect. A little bit of creativity and you won’t be disappointed!

Dried Lavender For Every Occasion

Dried lavender is amazingly versatile. Whether you love cooking, crafting, or creativity, there will be something that you will love doing with your dried lavender. If you have green fingers, you can grow your own lavender plants throughout the summer before harvesting them in the autumn. A good harvest will give you a whole winter of fun creating wonders with your dried lavender.

Many of the incredible things that you can do with lavender are ideal for gifts. Everyone loves a handmade Christmas present, whether it is a few lavender shortbread biscuits or a lavender wreath to hang on their door. Your friends and family will enjoy all that you have created with your dried lavender.

But what if you don’t have your own dried lavender harvest? Don’t worry; we sell our fantastic dried jersey lavender buds in bulk, along with culinary lavender. Our dried lavender buds are grown on our lavender farm in sunny Jersey. We harvest the lavender to ensure that we retain all the goodness of the lavender buds. They are carefully dried under the Jersey sun, before being stored ready for all your crafting projects. We sell our lavender buds in 0.5kg packs, so you can buy as much as you need for your projects.

If you love the idea of dried lavender products but simply don’t have the time to make your own, we have a wonderful range of dried lavender products. Whatever you do, we hope that you enjoy your lavender and all the wonderful things that you can do with it.

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