How to use Lavender Oil For Sleep Problems

Getting a great night’s sleep is integral to your general mood and wellbeing, especially when it comes to tackling the many demands that come hand in hand with everyday life.

After all, many day-to-day stresses can have an impact on your sleep pattern, especially if you have a demanding job or busy family life.

And you’re not alone, with many of us living increasingly hectic and busy lives, sleep deprivation is a lot more common than you might think.

But what can you do to help you sleep?

There are a whole host of remedies available that can help you to sleep at night, including Lavender Oil, which has been used for decades to help people drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep.

So, if you have trouble sleeping, and can’t seem to switch off at night, you have certainly landed in the right place! We’ve created a helpful guide outlining how you can use Lavender Oil effectively to get a great night’s sleep.

What are the benefits of using Lavender Oil?

Getting to the route of your sleeping problems can take months and even years. However, Lavender is a quick fix when it comes to helping you to get a better night’s sleep.

100% natural, Lavender Oil is both affordable and effective, and as it is a natural product, you won’t suffer from any side effects such as grogginess, an upset stomach or a headache the next morning.

But that’s not all… There has been a significant amount of research that has also proven that Lavender Oil is an effective remedy when it comes to treating stress and anxiety.

And of course, using Lavender Oil to fall asleep is a much gentler way to fall into a relaxing sleep than using a strong medication, which can often be addictive and come with a number of side effects.

How can you use Lavender Oil?

1. Apply to your face

There are lots of ways that you can use Lavender Oil, however, one of the best ways to apply your Lavender Oil is to place it where you can smell it, such as on your temple or forehead.

Lavender Oil is also extremely natural on the skin, and will not cause irritation.

2. Lavender Oil as a diffuser

Originally intended for aromatherapy, an increasing number of people have recognized the many benefits of using Lavender Oil as a diffuser.

And whether you buy a Lavender plug-in diffuser or you purchase a diffuser that can hold a small tea light candle, diffusing this scent in your bedroom approximately one hour before your bedtime, should allow you to drift into a relaxing sleep.

3. Pour a few drops onto your pillow

Pouring a few drops of Lavender Oil onto your pillow is how the majority of people use Lavender Oil to help them to sleep, however, to avoid staining your sheets and bedding you can put the drops on a hanky or facecloth placed over the pillow.

Alternatively, you can use our Lavender Room Spray or our Lavender Sleep Pillow which is filled with lots of our fragrant dried lavender. Placing this under your head, or just beside it will help enormously.