How To Save Money When Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet

If you really start to look around your home, you may find that there are actually lots of different ways that you can save money. Cut your energy bills by switching off lights and only heating the rooms that you use. Rent out that spare room on Air BnB. Buy fresh, unpackaged and unprocessed ingredients to cook from scratch rather than living off ready meals and take-aways. And there are also significant savings to be made when stocking your medicine cabinet. Have a look at some of our top tips below.

Buy own label rather than branded medicines

When it comes to pharmaceuticals the big brands pour huge amounts of money into advertising and they have to recoup that somehow, which usually means higher prices. Although the advertising may work to convince you that the branded medicines can ‘get to work faster’ or ‘go straight to the source of the pain’, in actual fact as long as the same ingredients are there in the same doses, by buying the big brands then all you are doing is paying more for exactly the same product.

Buy online

There are now a number of different online companies that are offering discounted prices on many pharmacy staples (sometimes including prescription medications). It is important to first check that the company is reputable, but once you’re happy then you can often expect to save between 10%-30% of the pharmacy price.

Think essential oils

Rather than immediately reaching for pricey pharmaceuticals, why not stock your medicine cabinet up with a few carefully selected essential oils. These tiny bottles are surprisingly potent and a little not only goes a long way but can also have a real (and natural) effect to treat a number of common ailments. Some of our suggestions are:

  • Lavender essential oil – this is a medicine cabinet must have as it can treat so may common ailments; massage a drop into your temples to relieve a tension headache, massage into sore or aching muscles for soothing relief, pop a drop on your pillow to encourage a good night’s sleep, apply to scars for improved healing, sooth insect bites and stings – the list is almost endless!
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – this should be your first port of call when a cold or flu hits. Eucalyptus is wonderful for relieving catarrh and clearing your airways. Simply add a couple of drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam twice a day.
  • Rosemary essential oil – this makes a great muscle rub for reviving tired limbs and acts as a powerful decongestant. Rosemary oil is also wonderful for reviving your senses, so when you are feeling tired and dragged down, then add a drop to your shower gel in the morning or just inhale the scent from a hanky and you will feel wonderfully reinvigorated. A drop in with your shampoo can also help to combat dandruff.
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