Homemade Lavender Christmas Decor

It may only be November, and yes, it definitely is too early to start playing Christmas songs, but it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about Christmas. Getting a head start on your Christmas shopping can mean that you get to avoid the last-minute rush (and get to feel delightfully smug when all around you are losing their heads) and now can be a great time to start planning your Christmas menus and getting the freezer filled up with lots of yummy treats (may we suggest lavender shortbread as a light and refreshing alternative to all of those mince pies?). And once you’ve got a handle on the presents and the food, then you’ll have loads of time to concentrate on the fun bits – the decorations!

Now for many people lavender might feel like the very essence of summer, however, don’t forget that this season’s dried lavender will be just about perfect around Christmas so why not incorporate some into your Christmas look? Like the idea but stuck for inspiration? Then have a look at some of our ideas of lavender Christmas decorations below:

Lavender Baubles

Empty clear glass or plastic baubles are available to buy quite inexpensively online or in craft stores, then all you need to do is choose your filling. We love baubles that have been filled with dried lavender flower buds mixed with a sprinkling of glitter. You can choose whether to fill them all the way to the top or just add a little filling to the bottom of the bauble and pop in a rolled paper Christmas message or use glass pens to write the message directly onto the unfilled part of the bauble.

Lavender Christmas Wreath

Why not break with tradition and add a few sprigs of dried lavender to your Christmas wreath. Making your own wreath is surprisingly easy, simply get a wire ring from a florist or craft shop and then use florists wire to attach a selection of evergreen leaves interspersed with sprigs of dried lavender. Or for a modern twist, spray twigs and pine cones with white and silver spray paint and use these as a base for your wreath with sprigs of dried lavender entwined through it.

Lavender Salt Dough Decorations

Why not add some dried lavender flower buds to a simple salt dough recipe (simply mix equal quantities of plain flour, salt and warm water until they form a dough and then mix in a handful of dried lavender buds). Then shape into whatever festive shape takes your fancy, not forgetting to make a hole for the ribbon later, and bake in a low oven until dried out and hard. You could then up the lavender even more by sprinkling on a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Merry Christmas to one and all from everyone at the Jersey Lavender Farm!

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