Give The Perfect Gift – A Jersey Lavender Gift Voucher

According to a recent survey, gift shopping can be a seriously worrisome and stressful business. Many people feel that trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones can be fraught with difficulties; what if they don’t like it? What if they take it the wrong way? What if my gift is not reciprocating their gift correctly? And a host of other concerns can be raised as soon as it is present buying time.

There is also a stack of statistics that suggest that gift buying is not only stressful and difficult but time consuming too, with some reports stating that we spend up to 14 hours a year shopping for gifts. 14 hours?! That definitely seems like time that could be spent otherwise – such as indulging in a bit of lavender-inspired relaxation perhaps? My we suggest 14 good long soaks in a lavender essential oil scented bath perhaps? Also there is the continual issue of what if your recipient doesn’t like their present? Apparently last year in America, 50 billion dollars of gifts were returned after Christmas.

However there is an answer to the thorny issue of gift buying. Why not get your loved one a gift voucher? They are then free to select the exact gifts that they actually want and they also get that great feeling of being able to spoil themselves, but at someone else’s expense! Gift vouchers are a very popular present with 84% of American’s having received one and 76% of Americans having given one.

Gift vouchers from specialist independent retailers are also a great way to ensure that your gift doesn’t appear too impersonal. For example giving someone a gift voucher from Amazon could be seen to say ‘I really had no idea what you’d want and haven’t spent any time thinking about it’. However a gift voucher from Jersey Lavender will tell someone that you have spent time thinking about their likes and dislikes and have selected a gift voucher that gives them choice, but a choice of things that they are bound to like.

Jersey Lavender gift vouchers are available in multiples of £1 and so are extremely flexible, and can be presented as a paper, or as an electronic, voucher. They are also extremely easy to redeem either at our lovely farm shop or café, or can be used in our online shop. So whether your loved one is planning a trip to Jersey or not, they will be able to get a little bit of their own choice of Jersey Lavender loveliness.

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Give The Perfect Gift – A Jersey Lavender Gift Voucher