Come Our Lovely Jersey Cafe

Here on the wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm we not only grow, harvest and distil our wonderful lavender, but we are also open to visitor’s right throughout the summer season. And what better excuse to visit us than if you’ve got a rumbling tummy! As our wonderful lavender farm also features probably the lavenderiest café in Jersey!

The Sprigs Café in Jersey serves a wonderful menu of fresh, seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on great food that is simply prepared with a liberal sprinkling of our own dried culinary lavender. Whether you are looking for a Jersey café to serve anything from a hearty Jersey breakfast (choose from a carnivore’s delight or a delicious veggie version) to a delicious lavender cream tea (lavender scone, fresh Jersey cream and butter and a pot of lavender tea), Sprigs Café in Jersey is the place to head to.

Our fantastic Jersey café focusses on some of our finest home grown Jersey Lavender Farm ingredients. Such as our delicious lavender jelly which is served with honey-roast ham in a filling sandwich or in our take on the classic Ploughman’s, the Lavender Pickers, which also features ham, cheese, olives, pickles and bread with Jersey butter. Or our dried culinary lavender is also transformed into sweet treats such as the classic lavender shortbread or a seriously yummy cherry and lavender pie. And don’t forget the drinks, how about a soothing cup of lavender tea with honey or our delicious specialty, strawberry and lavender lemonade.

But our Jersey café doesn’t only take inspiration from our own farmyard, we also like to look a little further afield – all the way just outside our gates! Jersey is blessed with some of the greatest produce, everything from our famous Jersey Royal new potatoes (when in season we can hardly sell enough of them!) to delicious milk and dairy products from our wonderful Jersey cows. And even if we venture as far as the cost (never far away in Jersey) then the abundance of sea life gives us even richer pickings. Why not try a Jersey crab salad, a bowl of homemade soup with a fresh roll and lashings of Jersey butter or a scoop or two of smooth and creamy Jersey ice cream.

Whether you come for the lavender or for the food, our lavender and Jersey inspired café is a must!


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