Cure Your Christmas Cold With Eucalyptus Oil

Why does it always seem that as soon as the Christmas holidays start, we all fall foul to a particularly pernicious cold? Christmas Eve is spent stumbling around the shops for last minute presents and the fug of congestion means that Great Auntie Barbara finds herself unwrapping a tie rack on Christmas Day. Other presents… Read more »

Lavender Boosts White Blood Cells

White blood cells are the cells of the immune system that are involved in defending the body from invasion by bacteria, viruses, foreign bodies and other forms of the disease. To protect yourself from disease etc. it is important to keep your immune system in top condition so that it is able to produce white… Read more »

Lavender To Ease Your Cold And Flu Symptoms

With the continuing cold, wet and dreary weather (even here on the usually sun drenched island of Jersey!), it seems that those nasty cold and flu viruses are sticking around a bit longer than normal. Even though there is little that conventional medicine can do for your colds and flu (remember that antibiotics will not… Read more »

The Many Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil

In the history of essential oils, Eucalyptus is a relative newcomer, only having become known from its native Australia in the mid 19th century. However this in no way diminishes its amazing array of beneficial effects. Eucalyptus can not only be used a fantastic aromatic and freshener, but it also has a number of medical… Read more »