Lavender Eton Mess

Its official, our favourite time of year is here! Not only are we slap bang in the middle of the British strawberry season, but our lavender fields are blooming and quite frankly look and smell flipping marvellous! So to celebrate this wonderful season, here at the Jersey Lavender farm we love to combine both the… Read more »

Salmon With Lavender

As summer is approaching (not to try and tempt fate and consign us to yet another wash out summer – even here on the sun-drenched island of Jersey) we were thinking about whiling away long balmy summer evenings surrounded by our gorgeous lavender fields. But what should we be eating during these summers of lavender… Read more »

We’re Open!!!!

It’s that time of year again and we happy to announce that our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm is open to visitors. The visiting season this year stretches from 8th April to 21st September – so that’s nearly 6 months where you can include a visit to us into your wonderful Jersey holiday. A visit to… Read more »

Lavender Chocolate – A Mothers Day Treat

Lavender – yum. Chocolate – yum. Lavender Chocolate – double yum! And after a recent trip to home of wonderful chocolate, Belgium, a friend brought me back a bar of Belgian Lavender Chocolate – hooray! In the past we had always thought of pairing the amazing floral taste of lavender with white chocolate (try infusing… Read more »

Lavender Desserts For Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Jersey Lavender Farm! So how are you going to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day? A hugely expensive bunch of second rate roses? An inflated price meal in a jam packed restaurant? Or how about a lovely home cooked meal finished off with a gorgeous lavender dessert? Simply reach… Read more »

Lavender Panna Cotta

Spring may not have quite sprung, but here on the lovely island of Jersey there are a few tentative signs that winter is beginning to recede; the first green shoots are beginning to break through the not-quite-so-frozen ground and the days are definitely starting to get longer (even if not that much warmer!). So to… Read more »

Winter Warmer: Lavender And Beef Stew

Well the nights are drawing in, the annual ‘is it too early to put the central heating on?’ debate looms and this year’s lavender harvest has been completed. Also let’s not forget, it’s now the month before the month before Christmas! So what do we need to herald this time of year? A spot more… Read more »

Lavender In The Great British Bake Off!

Now, I don’t know about you, but here at the Jersey Lavender Farm we LOVE The Great British Bake Off! And after this week’s fabulous semi-final we were even happier to see lavender featured in Frances’ (Soap) Opera Cake. OK, so Frances may not have got it quite right; Paul Hollywood commenting that the lavender… Read more »

The Yummiest Lamb Baked In Hay And Lavender

Now cooking with hay may seem a little strange, but for many of you so was the thought of cooking with lavender, and just look at how well that’s turned out! Lavender shortbread, lavender scones, lavender-infused honey glazed chicken, lavender marinated lamb – yum yum yum! So we thought it was time to take cooking… Read more »

Lavender – The Baker’s Best Friend (And How To Cheat!)

Well it seems like to whole world has gone baking mad! We think that the Great British Bake Off may well be the best thing ever to be shown on telly and it seems that vast swathes of the country are in agreement. You can hardly move for bake sales in aid of this and… Read more »