Labouring With Lavender

Has anyone else been watching BBC1’s fantastic ‘The White Queen’? Well we have, and we love it! Not only are we completely fascinated by the details of the life and politics of the medieval court, but also there are also some fantastic snippets information about domestic and especially female medieval life, which we just don’t… Read more »

Lavender on Film

As we know, we can smell the wonderful aroma of lavender, look at it’s gorgeous foliage and flowers and even listen to songs about lavender (for more information have a look at our Lavender’s Blue article), but what about watching lavender? Well here’s our list of lavender movies, so that you can take your pick… Read more »

It’s Harvest Time At The Jersey Lavender Farm

This is probably our favourite time of the year, as we see all of the hard work that we’ve been putting into growing our wonderful lavender come to fruition, and we start harvesting our crop. It always smells pretty good at our Jersey Lavender Farm, but the simple process of harvesting the lavender jumbles things… Read more »

Lavender’s Blue

Now then we’re all about starting them young, and so when my children were little I would sing them the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender’s Blue’. For those of you unacquainted with this charming little ditty, it goes as follows: Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, Lavender’s green When you are king, dilly dilly, I shall be queen Who… Read more »

Lavender, A Wedding Must Have!

Hooray! Wedding season is upon us! Now, if you’re like me then you’ll like nothing better than a good blub whilst the happy couple ties the knot and then a nice meal and a monster party to follow. Yes, weddings are a wonderful way to spend your time. But have you ever considered the use… Read more »

Lavender Oil – Your Holiday Essential

Hooray! It’s that time of year again, when we start packing up our old kit bag and heading off to climates new (at least for a week or two). But have you made sure that you have a bottle of wonderful lavender essential oil tucked into your sponge bag? Lavender essential oil has a number… Read more »

The Yummiest Lamb Baked In Hay And Lavender

Now cooking with hay may seem a little strange, but for many of you so was the thought of cooking with lavender, and just look at how well that’s turned out! Lavender shortbread, lavender scones, lavender-infused honey glazed chicken, lavender marinated lamb – yum yum yum! So we thought it was time to take cooking… Read more »

Lavender – The Baker’s Best Friend (And How To Cheat!)

Well it seems like to whole world has gone baking mad! We think that the Great British Bake Off may well be the best thing ever to be shown on telly and it seems that vast swathes of the country are in agreement. You can hardly move for bake sales in aid of this and… Read more »

The mysterious Spanish lavender

I received a question from a customer, which again posed another question. The question and the answer – not that there is a clear one – illustrates some of the confusion with naming lavender. The question from a customer was….. I used Lavender oil a great deal as it helps with my Fibromyalgia. I have always… Read more »

Lavender Infused Honey

Lavender is beginning to enjoy a long overdue resurgence of popularity in today’s kitchens, and so we thought that you might like to have a think about some of the many ways that you can use lavender in your cooking. To many people when thinking about using lavender as an ingredient, they will think of… Read more »