Beat The Summer Heat With Essential Oils

As the summer days get steadily hotter and hotter (and let’s not forget that here on the lovely Channel Island of Jersey we get even more days of sunshine than the rest of mainland UK!) it’s great Lavender Oilto have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep cool. Obviously, cool drinks, loose cotton clothing and keeping out of the sun are givens, but what else can you do to keep cool in summer and how can a few little bottles of essential oils help?

Essential oils hold the very purest essence of the plant and contain the most concentrated form of its active compounds, so they can be extremely powerful. In this way, only a few drops of some of the below essential oils will get you on the fast track to keeping your cool during the summertime. So which are some of the best essential oils for keeping you cool and what should you do with them?

Lavender Essential Oil

It sometimes feels like the wonders and uses for our wonderfully rich and velvety lavender essential oil will never cease! It can help you sleep, soothe an insect bite, treat a variety of skin conditions and is even being looked into as a possible treatment for diabetes – and yes, it can also help to keep you cool during summer’s hottest days. Lavender essential oil is naturally soothing and calming and is also a vasodilator which means that it prevents veins and capillaries from constricting. There are a number of ways that you can use natural lavender essential oils for summer to keep you cool including:

– Adding a couple of drops of lavender oil to a tepid bath, its soothing properties will chill out your mind, whilst the cool water will help to cool your bloodstream more efficiently due to lavender’s vasodilation properties.

– Apply a few drops of lavender oil into a carrier oil or cream ad apply this to any areas of sunburn, it will encourage quicker healing.

– Drop a little lavender oil onto your pillow and soothe your way through those hot sweaty nights with great reviving sleep.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

One of the major components of eucalyptus oil is menthol which is a wonderfully cooling scent just as it is. However, eucalyptus can also cool you down if used in some of the following ways:

– Add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to a carrier oil and massage this into hot sweaty feet – you will feel a wonderfully cooling icy tingling sensation which will really leave your feet feeling refreshed.

– Create a cooling compress by soaking a towel or flannel in cold water mixed with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil.

– Apply this to your forehead at intervals throughout the day and you will be left feeling cool as a cucumber (or as a eucalyptus perhaps?!).


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