Amazing Lavender – For Ladies Only!

Sometimes it feels like there is no end to the number of uses that can be found for one simple little bottle of our gorgeous Jersey Lavender Essential Oil – and most of these can be enjoyed by nearly everyone (babies and pregnant women excepting).

However there are a few times when lavender’s amazing properties can be utilised by ladies only, and that is to ease and problems associated with your menstrual cycle. Many women experience a range of less than brilliant symptoms throughout their monthly cycle, but happily, a drop or two of our lovely lavender oil can help to make nearly everything just that bit better.

So what are some of the ways that lavender oil can make conquering your menstrual cycle easier?

Ease Pre-Menstrual Tension

A 2013 study in the journal, Biopsychosocial Medicine, reported that premenstrual women who breathed in a lavender essential oil aroma for 10 minutes felt happier, calmer and more focused. This was attributed to lavender’s ability to balance out the nervous system that can be affected by fluctuations in hormone levels.

Prevent Cramps

Stomach cramps are often associated with periods for many women, however a study in the journal Evidence-Based Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2013 reported that women who massage their stomachs with a blend of lavender, cinnamon, clove and rose essential oils in a base of sweet almond oil for 10 minutes once per day throughout their premenstrual week experienced less cramp pain and menstrual bleeding once their period arrived.

Relieve Stress

Many women experience high levels of stress at certain points throughout their menstrual cycle, for example in week 2 when oestrogen levels are especially high and then again in week 4 when oestrogen levels plummet. Inhaling the fragrance of lavender eases stress because linalool, a compound in lavender, has an effect on 109 different genes that become over-active during stressful situations.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Raised body temperature at certain points during the menstrual cycle can result in sleep being more difficult and/or disturbed. Sprinkling a few drops of lavender on your pillow or adding lavender to a relaxing bath before bed can help to induce deep and restful sleep.

So when you are next feeling like Mother Nature is getting the better of you, simply add a little lavender and see how much better you feel.


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