A Lavender Great Read

As the long winter months drag on, what better way to spend those long cold nights, than to curl up with a good book? And why not make that a great lavender read? There are of course loads of fantastic books about lavender out there, from growing to cooking and medicinal use to aromatherapy, but what about a cracking good novel with a little lavender thrown in!

Some of our favourite lavender entitled novels includes:

The Lavender Keeper

by Fiona McIntosh
With The Channel Islands being the only part of Britain to be occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War, this wonderful novel set in the lavender fields of Southern France during the early years of WW2 holds a particular poignancy for us Jersey residents. The dual narrative features Luc Bonet who has to leave his beloved lavender fields behind after the Nazi occupation, he then joins the French Resistance in his quest for revenge. We also find ourselves following the life of Lisette Forestier as she tries to win the heart of a senior Nazi officer and infiltrate the Gestapo. What happens when the two are thrown together is definitely worth finding out.

A Sprig of Lavender

by Susan Ralph
This enthralling romance tells the tale of Catherine Sutton, a debutante who after failing to secure a marriage proposal at the end of her first season is invited to the country estate of the Duke of Mumshire. However upon her arrival Catherine is startled to find herself thrown into the company of the dashing Henri LaFleur, a thief whose secret she knows, but what does he know about her? Not only does LaFleur hold her secret, he also may have a hold on her heart.

Lavender and Old Lace

by Myrtle Reed
First published in 1902, this book tells the story of the rather prickly heroine, Ruth Thorne. When Ruth invites herself to stay at her aunt, Miss Jane Hathaway’s, seaside house, she arrives to find her aunt has gone to Europe for 6 months. However Miss Hathaway has left Ruth a rather mysterious letter asking her to light a lamp in an upstairs window every night without fail. Upon further inspection, and a little rummaging in the attic, Ruth finds some intriguing newspaper clippings. From here the mystery of a long past romance unfolds, and a little present day romance presents itself too.

The Real Katie Lavender

by Erica James
This light and bubbly read tells the story of Katie Lavender, a girl living a thoroughly normal life until she receives a letter from a solicitor telling her that the man she thought was her father, wasn’t. She tracks down her real father, but rather than immediately introducing herself she decides to do some snooping first. After being mistaken for a waitress at a family party of her father’s, she discovers that her new family is anything but normal.

We can thoroughly recommend sitting down with a plate of lavender shortbread, a cup of lavender tea and one of these great lavender reads!
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