Lavender Oil: Your Festival Essential

Festival Season is well and truly upon us and when packing up your supersized backpack with everything you need to survive a weekend’s camping and partying, don’t forget to pack your lavender oil. The properties of our favourite oil are perfect for a wide range of festival functions and you’ll be surprised how often you find yourself reaching for this handy little bottle. Below is a closer look at the ways you can get the most out of your lavender oil during your festival experience.

Freshen Up

Keeping clean and sweet smelling at a festival can be a struggle, especially if you don’t fancy chancing the communal showers. Wet wipes are one thing but no one wants to go around smelling like a toddler, so a little lavender oil can freshen up your wipes and give you a summery fragrance to enjoy. Lavender oil’s pungency is perfect for helping to control and balance sweaty and less-than-savoury odours.

Sweet Smelling Home

Though you may not spend much time in your tent, you will need to sleep there and no one wants to sleep surrounded by the smell of old clothes, sweaty socks and whatever else you may have brought home. To keep your tent smelling absolutely divine, pop open your lavender oil and consider simply leaving the bottle open or adding a couple of drops to your sleeping bag. Alternatively you could even take a long our Lavender Room Spray to guarantee freshness when you return to your temporary home.

Perfumed Portaloos

There’s no doubt about it, you will have to use the portaloos at some point during your festival experience, probably more than once and if you have a weak stomach it may not be a pleasant experience. One way of helping stave off the smells and nausea is to add a few drops of your trusty lavender oil to a tissue and cover your nose with it. You will avoid the worst of the stench and be in and out of the loo with no issues.

Treat Insect Bites

With antimicrobial properties and a soothing effect on both the body and mind lavender oil can help both prevent insect bites, thanks to its strong smell and also treat and soothe them if they do happen. Avoid being kept awake itching with a simply dab or two of lavender oil to the offending area and it will help to keep the itching at bay and soothe the skin.

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