Is Your Man Wearing Lavender?

Our Jersey Lavender Gentleman’s Cologne contains four per cent of Jersey Lavender oil, and doesn’t it smell great?

For many people, lavender is still a scent far more associated with women than men. But, in fact, men are the ones who are more likely to be wearing lavender.

Lavender is a widely-used perfumery ingredient. Its fragrance is herbal, clean and fresh, without being too floral or perfumed. It is often used in men’s soaps, bath products and fragrances. In particular, many masculine fragrances in the Fougère category (which means ferns or woodland plants) contain lavender as a key ingredient. This category of men’s fragrances is undoubtedly one of the most popular. The term was coined by Paul Parquet, the chief perfumer for Houbigant in 1882.

He discovered that blending lavender, oak moss and Coumarin (synthetically produced but also found in Tonka beans) creates a totally new, appealing fragrance that doesn’t smell like any of the individual ingredients. The blend became the key for the original Houbigant Royal Men’s fragrance.

So next time your man turns up his nose at lavender, remind him that he may just be wearing lavender, too!