Introducing Jersey Honey Soap

We are delighted to be highlighting one of our favourite products from our lovely range of Jersey grown and made products – Don Anfray’s Jersey Honey Soap. Firstly you may be wondering just who is Don Anfray? Don is one of our friends and neighbours here on the lovely Channel Island of Jersey and he… Read more »

How To Make A Guest Room Welcoming

Whether it’s the in-laws coming for the weekend, a friend staying with you for work, or even just an overnight dinner date with friends it can be great having guests to stay (depending who they are of course!). But how can you make your neglected spare room into a comfortable and welcoming room for guests?… Read more »

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair Loss

There are many uses of a drop if our lovely Jersey grown many people the first thing that they think of when considering it’s uses will be for treating coughs, colds and congestion (for which is it rightly known and very good). However eucalyptus oil also has a number of other uses, especially for your… Read more »