Lavender Preserves

One of the many things that we love to do with our crop of gorgeous Jersey lavender is to preserve it, so that we can enjoy a load of lavender loveliness right throughout the year, rather than just in its summer flowering season. And happily lavender is more than happy to oblige, lending itself to numerous effective preserving methods. Obviously one of the very best ways to do this is to extract its fantastic lavender essential oil, so at any time we can sprinkle a drop or two into the bath, spritz some into the room or pop a lavender infused handkerchief into our pillowcases for the best night’s sleep ever! Or, of course, you can simply enjoy a bagful of our dried lavender which will happily keep for ages. But what about preserving it in its edible state?

There are all sorts of dishes that are infinitely improved by the addition of a little lavender. Think lavender and lemon pannacotta (sheer heaven), honey and lavender glazed chicken (a barbecue must) or a slow roast leg of lamb wrapped in a blanket of lavender and rosemary (our Easter treat every year). But what about preserving the taste of lavender in a more traditional way? Specifically we’re thinking, jams, jellies and other preserves? Then whenever a spot of lavender is required all we have to do is reach for a jar and then maybe just a spoon?! So have a look at some of our favourite lavender preserve ideas below:

Pear and Lavender Jam

Courtesy of Kylee Newton at the Telegraph this floral delight is simple to make and will provide a taste of summer anytime!

  1. Peel and core 2kg of ripe pears. Cut half into 5cm dice and puree the other half.
  2. Add the pears to a large pan with the juice of half a lemon and 700g of jam sugar and bring this mixture to the boil over a moderate heat.
  3. Mix the seeds of a vanilla pod into 50g granulated sugar and add this to the pan along with the vanilla pod.
  4. Gently boil the mixture for about another 30 minutes, until the jam wrinkles when dropped onto a cold saucer and pushed with a finger.
  5. Stir through 1 tablespoon of dried culinary lavender and spoon into sterilised jars.

Lavender Jelly

Simply amazing with scones and clotted cream!

  1. Bring 850ml of water up to the boil and then add 100g of dried culinary lavender and leave to steep for 30 minutes. Strain out the lavender.
  2. Add the juice of 1 lemon and 500g of jam sugar and bring to a rolling boil. Continue boiling for 5 minutes until the jelly wrinkles when dropped onto a cold saucer and pushed with a finger.
  3. Pour into sterilised jars and leave to cool.

Or if all of this just sounds like too much hard work, why not have look at some of the lovely lavender preserves in our Edibles range – yum!

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