Bath Vs Shower? Who Cares? It’s All Lavender!

There are people that I know who can argue about the relative merits of baths versus showers for hours and are truly evangelical about their cause, but really what’s better a bath or a shower?

Well, unfortunately the answer is…. it depends!

There are a number of pros and cons to both taking both a bath or a shower and I think in the end it really depends on how much time you have, what you prefer and of course if you have a choice of both in your house or not!

Saves water

One of the often cited reasons for showers being better than baths is that they use less water and so are better for the environment. An average bath uses 80 litres of water, whereas the average 8 minute shower using a water efficient showerhead uses only 45 litres of water, and the super speedy showerers out there who can get in and out of the shower in around 4 minutes can get away with using only 32 litres, even with a standard showerhead. However it has been reported that some power showers can use over 136 litres of water during the average shower. So yes, on average a shower will use less water than a bath, unless you’re in there for ages and/or using a power shower.

Which is cleaner?

Many people argue that having a shower leaves you cleaner than when you have a bath, as in a shower all of the dirt is washed down the drain, whereas in the bath you are essentially sitting in your own filth. However one has to wonder actually how dirty does the average person get and what is the realistic ratio of dirt to water? Also surely the action of whatever soapy product that you include into your bath water (may we suggest our lovely lavender foam bath!) will have an action on dissolving any dirt etc? So again, I think that the answer is up to you.

Space saving

Unless you have one of those truly gargantuan double walk-in showers, then for many people having a single shower unit takes up significantly less space than a full size bath, which can be very important in the many properties that have fairly tiny bathrooms. However there are now options such as shower-baths which provide enough space for a nice roomy shower but also double up as a small sized bath, which can both save space and give you the best of both worlds.

So really, it’s up to you. If you fancy a shower, have a shower. If you want to do a bit of serious relaxing, fill up the bath and soak yourself until full prune status is achieved. But, whatever you choose make sure that you include one of our amazing lavender bath and shower products.

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