Wear Lavender To Attract A Date

Do you want to know the secret to being lucky in love? Is it the classic GSOH (Good Sense Of Humour)? Is it sharing hobbies such as a mutual love of long country walks, reading, going to the cinema and socialising with friends? Or is it something a little less obvious? How about impressing your date by wearing lavender?

A recent study by washing detergent manufacturer Ariel has shown that women are more likely to accept a date from a man wearing purple (of which lavender is obviously our favourite shade!). More than 36% of women surveyed were more likely to accept a date from a man wearing purple.

Women were also found to be the most particular about clothes with 28% admitting to having declined a date with someone because they disliked their suitors clothes, whereas as only 14% of men surveyed had done likewise. Women also rated clothes as one of the most important factors when choosing a date. 60% of women said that clothes were a top dating deal breaker, more important than hairstyle (which was only rated as of top importance by 17% of respondents) and shoes (which was only rated by 9% of those surveyed).

Regarding clothing colour, lavender (and other shades of purple) was rated as most attractive, but the next most favoured colours were significantly more archetypal, with the classic ‘Milk Tray Man’ look of a black outfit being preferred by 32% of women, and a crisp white shirt being rated by 13% of respondents. Down at the bottom of the list were men wearing blue or pink which took just 11% and 6% of the vote respectively.

So alongside wearing a snazzy purple outfit – although admittedly here we’re thinking more lavender shirt teamed with teamed with jeans, sweater and purple socks, rather than a full blown Willy Wonka! – how else can you wow your beloved with lavender on a first date?

Firstly why not consider a lavender themed bouquet? We’re thinking cream roses teamed with lavender coloured lisianthus all interspersed with stems of fragrant fresh or dried lavender (depending on the season of your date). And finally why not up the lavender love allure with a splash of one of our gorgeous lavender based perfumes? We would direct the men to our fantastic Gentlemen’s Cologne which teams lavender essential oil with fresh top notes and a masculine, herbal, rich, woody, warm and exotic heart.

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