Essential Oils – Your Airport Saviour!

For many of us the advent of August means the annual summer holiday. Whether you are jetting off on long haul to somewhere totally tropical or just jumping on a nice short flight to Jersey Airport (hint hint!) then one issue that affects us all are the strict airport hand luggage restrictions. With many airlines choosing to charge extra for any checked hold baggage many people are choosing to fly taking only hand luggage.

So what are the hand luggage allowances and how do they affect you?

One of the issues that affects many people up when taking hand luggage through airport security is the rules on carrying liquids, especially in the form of cosmetics and toiletries. So beware the contents of your sponge bag! The current rules for carrying liquids as part of your hand luggage include that:

  • Containers must hold no more than 100ml.
  • Containers must be in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre, measures approximately 20cm x 20cm and must be sealed but not knotted or tied.

So how can you still take enough toiletries to keep you looking and feeling gorgeous yet won’t be running the risk of having them confiscated at the security point? Essential oils, that’s how. One tiny little 10ml bottle of our gorgeous Jersey lavender essential oil will whizz through security and will do the job of numerous of those other cosmetics and toiletries.

Just a few drops of lavender essential oil will forfeit for:

  • Perfume – an obvious one really, but just a drop of lavender oil behind the ears or on the wrists will leave you smelling amazing, even when you’ve just stepped off a 12 hour flight.
  • Insect repellent – as much as we love the gorgeous scent of lavender happily insects such as mosquitos really don’t! So instead of packing a mini can of aerosol insect repellent that will be packed with chemicals, smell horrible and no doubt not last you more the 2 days, simply add a drop of lavender essential oil to your body lotion or add to a spritz bottle of mineral water on arrival and keep those bugs at bay.
  • Many items in your first aid kit. Instead of packing a bag full of antiseptic, burns cream, muscle relaxant and painkillers why not let one little bottle of lavender essential oil do all that for you. For minor cuts and burns simply add a drop of lavender oil to the wound to encourage rapid, infection free healing. When you’re suffering from a tension headache simply inhale a little lavender oil vapour and feel the pain melt away. Or for sore, stiff and aching muscles and joints simply massage with a little lavender oil (mixed with a carrier oil or lotion) – perfect after a long flight.

So simplify your packing with lavender essential oil and leave more room for those must have pampering treats.
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