Share Your Love Of Lavender Grub

Eating lavender has become more and more fashionable, with it becoming much more popular as the British love of baking continues to bloom. Knowing how and when to eat lavender if you haven’t tried it before can be difficult though which is why we’re here sharing the love and showing off some of our fantastic lavender rich edible goodies in the process.

How do you eat yours?

The rich pungency of lavender makes it a wonderful choice for dessert and sweet baked goods but it doesn’t have to stop there. Taking inspiration from the region of Provence in France, culinary lavender can be enjoyed combined with rosemary, thyme and other herbs into a crust for chicken or ham and served with fresh, summery potato salad. Strong meats and cheeses do work well the delicate yet pungent flavour of lavender and once you’ve got a taste for it, you’ll be keen to try it in new and exciting ways. Our combo gift set of condiments, Lavender Mustard and Lavender Jelly, can be enjoyed in many different combinations with both meats and sweeter dishes.

Lavender in the Kitchen

If you have an adventurous cook in your family then encourage them to add lavender based classics to their repertoire. Give them a push in the right direction with our Lavender Cookbook Gift Set which comes with two sachets of culinary lavender to experiment with. Recipes include everything from Lavender-Honey Chicken to Chocolate and Lavender Gelato. You can even pop lavender into sparkling water or lemonade to create a new, refreshing flavour.

If you’re hoping to introduce someone with a sweet tooth to the enjoyment of culinary lavender then trying one of our readymade sweeter treats could work, with chocolate and fudge readily available. The more enthusiastic out there may even want to try our lavender scone or shortbread mix. Many of our products and the recipes out there make use of both the lavender’s blossom and its oil to create fragrant and sweetly flavoured goodies.

Enjoying lavender in your meals as well as around your home or even as part of your beauty regime shows exactly how versatile it is and how it can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

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