Lavender Oil To Ease Your Bad Back

Back pain is a common ailment that will affect most of us at one time or another. However knowing this doesn’t necessarily help! In most cases back pain will go away within 12 weeks without the need for medical intervention, but thankfully there are some things that can help us ease symptoms without the need… Read more »

The History Of Perfume

The word perfume comes from the Latin ‘per fumus’ meaning ‘through smoke’, as one of the ways of worshiping the Gods in Ancient Roman civilization was by burning aromatic herbs, spices and plants. However the earliest recorded instances of perfume manufacture and usage are from Ancient Egypt, during the reign of Menes in around 3500… Read more »

Lavender Wedding Anniversary

OK so we all know that the big wedding anniversary celebrations tend be reserved for those big round numbers; 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th and even 60th! But why should every year not be special? There are traditional gifts and colours for every year from 1 to 100, and even if no-one has actually reached their… Read more »

Lavender Detox Bath

Happy New Year from Jersey Lavender! So it’s New Year’s resolutions time, and let us guess…is yours to start taking more exercise and eating healthily? Especially after the over indulgences of Christmas?! Well then one of the first things to do is to try and rid our bodies of the toxins that have built up… Read more »