Let Lavender Save You Money On Your Cleaning Bills

Have you ever looked at your bill after doing your big supermarket shop and been absolutely amazed at how much money you spend on cleaning products? We certainly have. And what’s more I recently made the mistake of actually looking at the list of ingredients and reading the warnings on the back of the labels – eek! So what can we do to not only save money on our cleaning products, but also to reduce our exposure to some of the hazardous chemicals that can be found in these products? Happily, the answer is lavender (and other) essential oil!

One of the most potentially dangerous ingredients that can be found in our household cleaning products is often the chemically synthesised fragrances that are added to give you that ‘fresh and clean smell’. Often these ingredients will have the simple title of ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ on their labels, which doesn’t really tell you much about what this mythical substance actually is. In some cases the compound that produces the fragrance could be a chemical from the phthalates family. Phthalates are known endocrine (hormone) disruptors and have been linked to male fertility issues. So what can we do to avoid these?

Often the answer lies in some of the cheaper cleaning products, which save money by not adding expensive fragrances to their formulations. However if you find yourself missing that wonderful fresh fragrance (because let’s face it, it’s nice for things to actually smell clean after we’ve gone through all the trouble of cleaning them!), then why not add a couple of drops of our lavender essential oil or eucalyptus essential oil. A couple of drops added to your mop bucket along with some warm water and a cup full of budget line disinfectant will leave your floors sparkling, hygienic and smelling fantastic. And not only will the essential oils impart a wonderful aroma, but lavender, eucalyptus also have antibacterial and cleansing properties that will boost the efficacy of your cheaper cleaning products.

The antibacterial actions of these essential oils can also be used to eliminate the risk from some chemically based antibacterial products. Many of these contain triclosan, which is a very aggressive antibacterial agent. The risk associated with this is not only in the potentially allergenic effect of this, but also the action of this (and other overused antibiotics) in the formation of ‘super-bugs’. These are bacteria that form a resistance to the most commonly used antibacterial agents (such as triclosan) which makes them increasingly difficult to combat. Instead a couple of drops of lavender essential oil added to a cup of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle creates an incredibly effective and natural surface cleaning spray.

So if you want to cut down your cleaning bills by using cheaper products or even by not using any store bought cleaning products at all, then simply invest a few pounds in a little bottle of one of our wonderful essential oils.

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