Lavender – The Perfect Accompaniment

It may seem odd to our modern taste buds to incorporate lavender into edible products, but once upon a time Lavender was one of the most widely used ingredients in both sweet and savoury dishes. In fact, it is reported that Queen Elizabeth I insisted that a jar of lavender preserve should be on the table at every meal time! Unfortunately, in the centuries that followed, Lavender went out of culinary favour somewhat, as more ‘exotic’ flavours were introduced to the British menu.

Nevertheless, in recent years, the quintessentially English flavour of lavender infused foods has begun to make a comeback and not before time, in our opinion! Here at Jersey Lavender, we have been making our own lavender infused jam, jelly and mustard for over twenty years and we are so proud of our homemade condiments that we’re certain they could revolutionise your meal times.

Our lavender preserves are all made on our Jersey farm with our very own home grown lavender and have been served in the Sprigs cafe for years. Our lavender cream teas have been so successful that, by popular demand, we can now offer our range of preserves for sale online, so that you too can sample the delicate flavours and enticing aromas for yourself.

Having an androgynous aroma and taste, lavender is suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes and compliments both beautifully. Lavender has a distinct herbal flavour that is akin to rosemary or thyme and can be used in similar recipes; in preserves it offers the perfect accompaniment to many foods and is a versatile addition to your table.

Here at Jersey Lavender, we have three homemade preserves available for you to try;

Lavender Jelly

This is a sweet and delicate jelly that works equally well on both sweet and savoury dishes; serve it as an accompaniment to cold meats or try it on your ham sandwich. Its subtle sweetness also brings out the tang of strong cheeses and will leave your envious dinner guests wanting more.

Lavender, Lemon and Lime Marmalade

This tangy marmalade is a taste sensation and has been a stalwart of our cafe’s cream teas for years. The zesty flavours of the citrus fruits are contrasted delightfully by the sweet and delicate lavender, making it one of our most popular preserves. Try it in a sponge cake for an unusual twist on the traditional Victoria Sponge, or simply spread it on your toast in the morning.

Lavender and Honey Mustard

Another twist on a great British classic, our delicious wholegrain mustard is sweetened with honey and flavoured with just a touch of our home grown lavender. It works wonderfully on both hot and cold meats or simply spread it on your sandwiches to liven up your lunch box.

If you’d like to buy any of our lavender preserves to enhance your meal times then simply visit our online shop; we’re certain that, once you’ve tried the enticing flavours of our lavender infused edibles, you’ll also demand they be on the table at every meal time, just like Elizabeth I!
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