Lavender In Art

So it’s no surprise that we all love lavender in our homes. We love the fragrance of lavender wafting from our lavender bags and oil burners. We love a bunch of fresh lavender sitting pretty in a vase on the kitchen table. We especially love a mountain of fresh lavender shortbread with a cup of tea. But what about a spot of lavender for our walls? Now we’re not talking about a framed print of a gorgeous lavender field on a sunny day (not that that wouldn’t be delightful), but we’re thinking a little more out of the box…

Jackson Pollock – Number 1 (Lavender Mist)

Number 1 (Lavender Mist) is often proclaimed to be American painter Jackson Pollock’s greatest and most groundbreaking work. Pollock was a pioneer of ‘Abstract Expressionism’ and he painted Number 1 (Lavender Mist) in 1950 on a huge canvas of 7’3″ x 9’10”, using an innovative style of ‘Drip’ painting. It is a beautiful explosion of colours including light blue, dusty pink, gray, white, and black, which blend together to impart a lavender hue. This resulted in art critic Clement Greenberg giving it the title of ‘Lavender Mist’.
Have a look for yourself.

Gordon Lavender

For something a little different you could look to the Japanese inspired art of Gordon Lavender. Lavender hails from Liverpool and his work is recognisable from the strong inspiration that is taken from Asian Koi painting and Koi art altogether. However Lavender also takes muse from contemporary European Minimalism, Pop Art and Fantasy.
Find out more and have a look.

Jack Lavender

Jack Lavender is a young British artist who lives and works in London. Educated at The Royal College of Art, Jack Lavender has held 4 solos exhibitions since 2008, the most recent being Dreams Chunky at The Approach in London. For this, the gallery was transformed into a swimming pool environment that was surrounded by wall mounted works that combined painting with sculpture. These included grid metal installations that were filled with a range of organic material suggesting the detritus of the urban environment.
Possibly not for the average living room, but well worth a look
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