Great Lavender Plants From The Lavender Specialists

Here at our idyllic we grow lavender for use in many of our delightful lavender products and essential oils, but we have also started cultivating lavender plants that you can buy and plant in your own garden. Giving you the opportunity to have your own little bit of Jersey Lavender heaven right there in Litchfield (or wherever you else you may be!).

But why buy your lavender plants from us, rather than popping down to your local garden centre or DIY store?

When buying from a specialist grower, such as the Jersey Lavender Farm, you can be sure that you are getting a plant of the best possible quality. All of our plants are grown from cuttings that are only taken from our healthiest lavender plants so you know that they haven’t been raised from seeds (possibly of dubious quality) and then force-grown to produce seemingly ‘vigorous’ plants in the reduced time frame. Instead we ensure that are cuttings are allowed to root and grow at their own speed, guaranteeing you a healthy plant.

Primarily we sell varieties of lavender that we know are suited to our British climate, such as our wonderful English Lavender (lavandula augustifolia). We know that this should thrive when planted in a nice sunny position with well drained soil, and provide you with a fantastic fragrance and wonderful flowers, as this is the very variety that we use to produce our array of lovely lavender products. We do also sell Decorative French Lavenders, which are generally less hardy but have a long summer flowering period. And for those of you who are more green-fingered than most of us, we sell Lavender Seeds.

Finally consider your plant miles. According to Which?, in 2005 approximately 50% of all ornamental plants sold in the UK (especially from the larger buyers e.g. large chain DIY and gardening stores) are sourced from growers in The Netherlands and Italy. So why not look a little closer to home, visit your local small, independent nursery for many of your common garden plants? Or to ensure that you are getting top quality plants, buy from a specialist UK grower of your chosen plant. For example get your wonderful lavender plants from our specialist Lavender Farm in Jersey!
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Angela Barton

Your farm sounds idyllic. It’s what we aspire to..but as we’re retiring, on a much smaller scale. Here’s looking forward to next spring!

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