Lavender Oil – Strange Uses

I’m often asked what unusual uses are for lavender oil. In 9 years at the lavender farm I’ve heard some strange ones.

A dairy farmer said that he put lavender oil in a burner in the milking shed. He said the shed smelt a bit more pleasant, but also he felt that it helped the cows relax. And a relaxed cow milked faster than a stressed cow! Another farmer said that as his cows left the milking shed a carefully positioned mop with lavender oil on it dragged across their backs. This helped keep the flies off them during the day.

A well known use of lavender oil is to help wounds heal with minimal scarring. I seem to have heard about this one many times this year, particularly from mid-wives who have recommended the use of lavender oil after a Caesarian birth.

I’ve also met veterinary nurses who use it with animals in their care after surgery. Lavender oil made the kennel room smell a bit more pleasant but it also relaxed the patients as they came round from their stressful ordeal.

Finally one visitor said that it deterred moles. Soaked onto a rag, and pushed into the run, it kept the moles away. Personally I think it may have just relaxed those moles to the point where they couldn’t be bothered to dig any more mole hills!

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Yes, in the USA, Australia and New Zealand particularly wine is often grown alongside lavender. They say that if grapes will grow then so will lavender. Also at a time of year when the vineyard is not looking particularly interesting the lavender is in spectacular full flower, so the two work well together. I’ve had lavender wine before – not sure that it was an improvement on just the grape wine, but interesting nevertheless! Lavender and rosemary need the same growing conditions, and also same distillation process so again work well together.

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